Giraldo Piloto

Giraldo Piloto Barreto

It was born in the year 1962 in the bosom of a family of musicians. His father Giraldo Piloto was an outstanding composer, and became known with the binomial Piloto and Vera, his mother was a piano teacher and his uncles (of the Barreto family) played in the main orchestras of the country.

He entered the Alejandro Garcia Caturla Conservatory at the age of 8 and graduated from the National School of Art in the specialty of Percussion with 18 years in 1980, at which time he began working at the Tropicana Cabaret Orchestra of Havana Cuba.

He founded the NG la Banda band in 1988, and in 1992 he started the Orchestra of Issac Delgado, and in 1995 he created his group, Klimax, an orchestra that defines his work in two aspects; Latinjazz or jazz-cuban and dance music. He has been composer and arranger for more than 20 years, and his works are interpreted by Cuban and foreign artists; Some of which have climbed the first places of preference of the audience that follows the Cuban music, as well as the latinjazz in all latitudes.

He has participated in musical projects with Chucho Valdés (doing all the international tour in 2005 with his quartet). With Herbie Hancock (during his visit to the Havana Jazz Festival with Tata Guines and Changuito). With Michel Legrand and Chucho Valdés, in several concerts in Havana and Europe in 2005. The record production Klimax & Friends won the Cubadisco Prize in 2004, as well as productions “Nobody Seems Like You”, and “Solo Tu And I “in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

Several of the albums he has participated in as a drumnist, composer, director, arranger and producer have received national and international awards, such as Cubadisco, EGREM, O’Zona from Madrid, from USA, Grammys, etc. He has taught Major Percussion Classes in several countries, including Canada, with outstanding participation in the Montreal Drum Fest, in KoSA Academy, or the University of Montreal, in Lula Lounge in Toronto, Belgium, France, Spain, Brazil , Venezuela, and many more.

The Klimax group has participated in several major jazz and World Music festivals in Europe and America, including:

Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), North Sea Jazz Festival (Netherlands), Nice Jazz Festival, Vienne Jazz Festival (France), Pori Jazz Festival (Finland), Blues Fest (Ottawa), La Mar de Músicas (Spain), Festival de Cannes (France), Latinoamericando (Italy), Arezzo Wave Festival (Italy), Roskilde Festival (Denmark), Horsens Festival (Denmark), Womex Festival (Sweden), Wow Festival Festival (England), Festival Salsa al Parque (Colombia), Festival of Winter of Garanhus (Brazil), etc.

Giraldo Piloto is the President of the Drum Festival or Havana Drum Festival, since its inception twelve years ago; Promoting the national and international percussion in Cuba, where he has invited and shared with figures such as Dom Famularo, Aldo Mazza, Memo Acevedo, Mike del Ferro, Alex Acuña, Charlie Cooley, Chuck Silverman, Singo Maeda, Walfredo de las Reyes Sr, and Wally de los Reyes, among many percussionists and instrumentalists of dissimilar latitudes, as well as the main percussionists of Cuba of all styles.

During this event also promotes an International Competition of Cuban Percussion totally open to all interested, in which basically they are released the new values ​​that excel every year in the percussion in general.


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